Aqua Farming


Development & construction of aquaculture ponds (fish farm, shrimp farm and etc) from PVC/HDPE pipings, pumps installation, shrimp nursery setup to installation of HDPE geomembrane.

Our aqua farming maintenance support work from roof changing, upkeep of water storage / maturation rooms, pond washing / chemical cleaning, HDPE lining repairing to making of sump and repairing. Looking for aqua farm contractor? We have you fully covered! 

Aquaculture Farm

An aquaculture farm construction based on clients’ fish farming business plan are developed with full supplies of fish farming equipment, tanks and systems.

Aquaponics Farm

Macrosaga set up a recirculating environment to support symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals for tilapia farming, catfish farming and more.

Shrimp farm

Our shrimp farm construction project will not only aim for its production capacity, but also to be the most sustainable shrimp aquaculture farm in Malaysia.

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